Agnes Toews-Andrews

I am a researcher and explorer into the metaphysical and paranormal realms. Metaphysical means 'that which is beyond the body', and paranormal means 'alongside the normal'. I love to explore uncharted terrain in search of not my truth, or your truth, or their truth, but THE truth.

In the realm of healing I use Reiki, hands-on healing, crystals and other stones, toning, drumming, macrobiotic diet, medicine wheel and suggestion.

I am Scribe, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master/Healer. I am a communicator with the angelic and devic (nature spirit) realm.

Exploration and Travel

I've been drawn to sacred locations around the world. I've travelled to and meditated in the Yucatan Mayan Pyramids in Mexico; the legendary Inca doorway Aramu Meru near Lake Titicaca (a gateway to immortality); Muru and Machu Pichu in Peru; the Ascended Master Site at Mt. Shasta, California; Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland; Glastonbury and Stonehenge in southern England and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

I lived and researched for seven years in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. I furthered my studies in Israel for two years between 1991-1993. I visited Petra in Jordan, the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus; Mt. Olympus in Greece; Nichora in Lebanon; the Himalayas and Mt. Machupuchare in Nepal and Chiang Mai in Thailand to mediate at their sacred sites.

Many journeys led me to Egypt. Featured were the Giza pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid and the Temple of Isis on the Isle of Philae, an island in the Nile River. Marvellous experiences at the temple re-connected me to Isis and Osiris (from star Sirius), mother and father of our Aryan (white race). The island is composed of syenite, a granite with quartz type stone. Isis is a goddess of medicine and wisdom, an emanation of the Holy Mother, Mary. She was a wise teacher who made her home on the Isle of Philae and this is where she instructed her priestesses, I being one of them. She was mother of Horus (Jesus) and exuded great feminine power and the capacity to feel deeply about relationships, especially her twin flame Osiris.

Training and Insight

My spiritual questioning began in 1987 when I was 39 years old and had discovered Reiki, a hands-on healing art. I studied Reiki with Sheila McGinn, RN, in Belleville, Ontario during 1987, and then with Zipporah Stein in Nahariya, Israel, in 1991. I learned Therapeutic Touch and Crystal Healing with Oh' Shinnah Fastwolf also during 1987 in Big Sur, California, USA.

In 1988 I studied Encounter with Dr. John Heider Phd. in Key Largo, Florida, as well as Focusing with Bill Brunix in Trenton, Ontario. In 1995 I learned the Complete Mind Body Alignment techniques with Dr. Sharon Forrester of Montreal, Quebec as well as Color Therapy and Hypnotherapy with Di Cherry in Vancouver, BC.

I discovered my soul purpose at the age of 14 when I was watching a sunset in rural Abbotsford, BC. I knew then that I was to be a rescuer of souls and a writer. In 1989 I made a commitment to evolve and to teach, help humanity through writing and speaking.

I received ascension material when I moved to the foothills of the Rocky Mountain 1993. It was here that my spiritual guides said, "We want you to come home!" I heartily accepted the mission and made a commitment then to master myself in this lifetime. It was in the mountains that I was contacted by galactic beings who shared insights with me on the state of the earth, why Canada is special and what diet I needed to use to heal my cancer.

I currently live near Nelson, BC.

What Do I Wish For Folks to Get from This Site?

It is my pleasure to share my insights and knowledge with others; to educate and bring enlightenment so that others may evolve, shift, learn, grow both spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


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