Awake! A Spiritual Primer

Agnes Toews-Andrews takes you on her continuing spiritual journey. Awake! is the sequel to Garbage and Flowers - My Year's Sojourn in the Holy Land, published in 1997.

The Current Challenge on Planet Earth

Humanity awake! Rediscover who you are! Take up the challenge to evolve and ascend! It's imperative we do so at this point in our sojourn on planet Earth. All of us are part of a huge shift in consciousness happening. Now! Nothing shifts and changes without the other and ALL on Earth is evolving at this critical point in timelessness!

Twin Flames, True Loves

who were created simultaneously became separated. In fact both created amnesia and the remembrance of the ecstasy of being together became deeply buried. When I met my Twin Flame I was give a vision. We came together on a hilltop and when we embraced sparks began to fly around us. As we embraced we became a flame and that flame burned up to one hundred feet! The love, bliss an ecstasy that I felt as our two hearts became one was beyond human description.

Canada is Special!

During the summer of 1997 we had many Galactic visitors to planet Earth, most specifically to Canada. We were chosen!.. Later this summer my military fighter pilot husband and I saw a gigantic orb shaped object, larger than the sun over our place in the BC Rocky Mountains.

I felt an immense positive energy emanating from it ... the next night I met and communicated with the pilot and co-pilot of the ship - I was told why Canada was special.

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Here's what readers have said about AWAKE!

“Thank you so much for sharing your books with us. I found AWAKE! to be very inspiring and your experiences were fascinating. I didn't want the book to end. I've been inspired to learn Reiki and received my first level years ago, but have decided to start once again from the beginning. Please keep writing. I look forward to reading many more of your books!”

Tilde Cameron, Vancouver, BC

“Welcome to our world... it's been interesting 'readying' while reading your book... what a delightful tome to waken to on this fine day after llamas... you're absolutely right about 'tunings'. Mboolea is my guardian (he wears the golden dog mask) yes, I have been cleaning the dark spots out of the cells with white light vacuums... going to spend more time with the angel stuff... as the white brotherhood and others keep telling me, thank you for clearing some of this energy for Nefertari (an incarnation of mine/Agnes' in Egypt)... she is just one part shy of being 'angel' now... have met the split apart too (twin flame).”

Michael Hayes, Woodstock, Ontario

“I just read AWAKE! Now I would like to order Garbage and Flowers. AWAKE! was fantastic!... the day after I finished your book I saw a painting titled: 'Infinite Love' and found out the images were of devas. I knew that I was seeing the synchronicity of the universe with that! Many thanks for your explanations of devas and nature spirits in your book!”

Teresa Ottewell, Ottawa, Ontario