2113 AD: The Future is Here!

Agnes Toews-Andrews has launched her first futuristic paranormal fiction book. In the new book Agnes takes you on a journey across North America in 2113 AD. Within the pages are visions and flashbacks to our current time frame and an imminent killshot.

I see myself in a city that once existed, Los Angeles and its 11/11/11 … I’m there for a Crystal Skulls conference and there is a crystal Orb here that when in its presence I am immediately connected to Thoth, Isis, Horus and Mary Anna, Mother of Jesus … A killshot occurs in 2013 … Destruction at wild speed … People gather near the capital city, a new city is forming and a new government … The Great Plains of North America slip south … the west coast is all changed … It is the hot summer of 2012; I am living on a major ley line and am taken on a journey with Chief Archangel and celestial scribe, the Throne, Metatron. I am taken to Mars … Here I am shown ancient scrolls, tablets whereupon are written the Earth changes about to happen … Along with Metatron Sananda appears many times, I know he is the saviour of this planet … The Ascended Masters held preserved equipment in the underground city of the Atlanteon’s in Mt. Shasta from Poseidonis times for they knew that a future would come when it was needed again …The past set up of the poles is short circuited with the new electrical energy coming in from the sun … to avoid complete destruction the poles have to shift … I see peace and abundance in 2113 AD everywhere I travel … The past one hundred year old Earth changes that occurred have finalized a shift in consciousness that was needed to restore sanity, purpose of living and a meaningful existence on Earth.

“This book keeps us in the present, in our bodies, in the present moment. I loved that! While reading I felt compelled to ask for confirmation about the ‘killshot’ and went out for a walk. While walking the sky opened and a mega hailstorm rained down! I had to run for cover for several minutes. That was a definite sign that 2113 AD: The Future is Here! Could very likely happen in the near future” - M.J. Milne, author of ‘Universal Tides’ and ‘The Twelve Golden Keys to a New World’.

E-book Available on: Amazons’ Kindle
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