Garbage and Flowers

My Year's Sojourn in the Holy Land

Agnes Toews-Andrews's journal is an honest and candid life story that you won't be able to put down. She lived in Israel for two years, during which time she recorded her evolutionary journey amidst the natural beauty and power of the Holy land, where her spiritual guide, Jesus, walked. She also recounts her many travels to Gaza, Jordan, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt. The never ending contrasts in her life and in Israel prompted her to title her book Garbage and Flowers.

A Reiki Master and spiritual teacher, Agnes' enthusiasm and trust to explore herself and her new environment fill the pages with her emotional struggles, psychological difficulties, challenges, new visions and miraculous healings.

Since publication of her first book, The Incredible potato in 1985, Agnes has studied humanistic psychology, discovering the true tools for releasing "garbage". At this time Agnes began to see her own "traveling". One of her exemplary students, Lydia Riethmann Schwarzer of Belize writes:

"Light from the Universe - originally a spark - manifested again and again, growing, getting brighter, getting vibrant - this is Agnes. In her lifetime now, the light is ready to break through, to be visible by others. Her "journal" is a tool to help others to see, hear, feel, recognize their own traveling. The sharing of the difficulties, struggles, challenges, moments of bliss and ecstasy, is the gift Agnes is offering to everyone of us living on the planet earth right now. Let us accept this generous gift and use it as a key to open the door to see ourselves."

Wither her strong descriptive writing, Agnes takes the reader with her as she journeys with the mind, body and spirit.

ISBN 1-55056-536-2
Canada: $24.95
US: $22.95

Reader comments on Garbage and Flowers

This morning I visited with you for a couple of hours. I was reading Garbage and Flowers. It was so healing to read, thank you so much for writing and sharing your experiences. I am deeply nourished reading about your experiences and the way you share them. It is so real and so feminine and yet so brave how met with the world with such enthusiasm and acceptance. Thank you for honestly communicating the difficult parts of your life, parts that are usually left out because we are afraid of being judged.

Eliana Jantz, Montague, California

I just finished reading Garbage and Flowers this morning. I am particularity indebted to you for explaining the Israeli-Arab question which has been bothering me all my adult years. You have also taught me that there are many ways to pray. I wish some politicians, the men in power would read your book-then maybe we would get somewhere. I too like the UN and it's disgusting how the US treats them. Your book came along just at the right moment - I'd just finished reading all six of Shirley MacLaine's books. Like the man in my favourite movie said, and also Irving Layton to his poetry classes: "99.9 percent of the people are walking in their sleep, they don't know how to live, and the others live every day in utter glorious ecstasy, every minute of it"... you strike me as a person in the .1%!

Steve Salmaniw, Trenton Ontario

Like no travel guide I have ever read, Garbage and Flowers takes me to the cities and sites of the holy land through the senses of Agnes Toews-Andrews (Agnes Toews Andrews). Her description of the people and places and situations is so vivid that at times I could feel I was there. As A Reik Master/Teacher the author's awareness of the energies of this powerful vortex provide a new perspective to her surroundings as experienced in her year in Israel.

Jan Merdren, Issues Magazine, Kelowna, BC

Attention Agnes Toews-Andrews: Your most astounding book, Garbage and Flowers has been my constant 24/7 companion for the last 3 months. How geographically ironic to find you under my nose like a Hawaiian punch moustache! Please send me 3 more for my family.

Laurence Butler-Stirling, Ontario