AGE OF AQUARIUS - the house of the zodiac we are moving into. Each house is 2160 years long. This age is predicted to be the age of light, tolerance and information.

ANGELS - 10th dimensional highly evolved supernatural human-like beings, acting as protectors of our universe, and teachers and messengers to humans

ASCENSION - creation of a higher frequency body

BIG BANG - the time when star sparks were created from our Source

CHAKRAS - energy centers in and outside the body where Reiki flows through

CO-CREATIVE SCIENCE - the art of working consciously with nature. It is invoking assistance from nature spirits, devas, elementals, angels and ascended masters, and realizing the ecological effect of thoughts. It is understanding that humankind has interfered and manipulated the earth, and changing to living co-creatively to regain balanced custodianship of planet Earth.

CROP CIRCLES - patterns created in cereal grains, berry bushes, or stones by our galactic friends to weave a web of consciousness in the precipitating glyphs, meant to awaken certain patterns within us

CRYSTALINE GRID - the magnetic properties of our planet are changing, and a more crystallized grid is being developed by the archangels and devas

DEVAS - angelic like beings that preside over large areas of land and perform the various tasks of environmental cleansing. Every life stream as an overlighting deva.

DEVIC CONINGS - conscious vortexes of energy created in conjunction with devas and other nature spirits

ELEMENTALS - tiny nature spirits that inhabit the chemicals on earth

ELOHIM - creator goddesses

FOCUSING - a humanistic psychology system of intense focusing, a spiritual way of knowing where we can go beyond ourselves to connectedness with cosmic consciousness

GHOSTS - spiritual beings that have not left the Earth dimension

NATURE SPIRITS - 4th dimensional beings that keep the stasis in the garden of Eden - Earth

NIBURU - 12th planet in our solar system

PAST LIVES - other lives that we have lived on earth or on other planets, stars in our universe.

PHOTON BAND - a band of photons that our galaxy spirals into every 11,000 years

PHOTONS - highly charged particles of Light

REIKI - (in Japanese, Rei - universal, Ki - energy) the sparkling cosmic life force energy, also the name of an ancient healing art rediscovered recently.

SACRED CIRCLE DANCE - simple step dances performed in a circle, to uplifting music, creating groundedness, harmony and community

7 DIRECTIONS PRAYER - a Mayan prayer that brings bodily awareness from the 4 directions, the galaxy, the earth's central crystal core and our Source

SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES - sound waves or electromagnetic vibrations associated with creation and ascension; they can repair DNA, open heart chakras and much more

SOUL COLOR EXPLORATION - we all receive soul colors at birth to help keep us aligned to our soul purpose - Agnes reads and interprets these colors

SOURCE - preconsciousness, preformed Light, The Goddess

13 DIMENSIONS - there are 13 dimensions in our universe to access, each having unique functions

TONING - using our inner dimensional frequencies - our vocals - for centering, lifting our consciousness, for energizing, bringing hope and insight

TWIN FLAMES - beings created simultaneously - even angels have twin flames

UNIFIED CHAKRA VISUALIZATION - builds our light body and allows us to live our life with maximum perceptivity and minimum stress

VORTEXES - are like chakras energy centers on the planet