Sessions and Workshops

BODYWORK with Agnes Toews-Andrews

Phone: 250-777-2606 or email

Intuitive bodywork sessions with crystals are for releasing miasms, old thought forms, tension, genetic challenges to rebound ones physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions into the new era.

Fees are sliding scale: $90 - $130. Sessions are two hours. Long distance Reiki alone- $40 for 40 minutes.

Agnes does:

  1. Reiki Healing
  2. Reiki Long Distance
  3. Consultations, spiritual and/or healing diet for various illnesses

Agnes facilitates Reiki workshops, all levels, as well as the CCMBA, Complete Conscious Mind Body Alignment ( 2 hour karmic release sessions)

  1. Reiki I-First Degree: $175
  2. Reiki II-Second Degree: $350
  3. CCMBA-$120


So many people love to have an energy healing through my hands. It is highly effective long distance.
Reiki works on the body, mind and spirit. It helps heal broken bones and broken hearts, energizes, releases tension, and goes to where the body needs it most. It allows you to be in your own serene environment and fall asleep if you so wish.

"I have had the pleasure of taking two Reiki courses with Agnes Toews-Andrews. She taught me Reiki First Degree and Reiki Second Degree. She is very down to earth, patient and non-judgmental. She is very spiritually connected and close to the Source. She has helped me to follow "my path". She has tons of knowledge and experience. I am grateful to have met her and learn from her." - Sandy M- Yogini, Reiki II & Cranial Sacral Therapist-Toronto

"I admire you and you inspire me. You are a great Reiki teacher, Agnes. Very in tune with what is going on and supportive. I'd love to be at your level with teaching some day."- Ellyssa D.M. Reiki II student, Nelson & Toronto.

Cathy J says: "A most interesting and well taught workshop!"

Karen M says: "You are the best teacher I've ever had. I loved your Reiki class!"

Rebecca D says: "You give allot in your class, there is much spiritual teaching that you share, you know its important to pass this on." Your energy flows outward to all you meet."Dot B says" The Reiki treatment was long lasting, I still felt the energy 3 days after the treatment, there was much relief in my head and shoulders."

Barb D says: "Thanks for the Reiki, I felt the tension in my neck and shoulders release, and my sore ankle is all better this morning".

Lori G says: "I love your Reiki, when I haven't had it for a week I really need another fix, it soothes me  calms me down, clears my head, and lifts my spirits! Thank you".

Love to all,
Agnes, Reiki Master/ Reiki practitioner since 1987