Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What are the possibilities?

These and many more insights will be gleaned in the new series of metaphysical classes for positive thinkers. Each class begins with a meditation. Exercises, invocations, visualizations and sacred technical rituals will be taught. Handouts are provided to continue practising what you have learned in class.

It has been my passion to open the road to individual consciousness transformation to searchers for the past 30 years, leading others to discover the Divine within. Continuing to work with Reiki--Universal Energy has been instrumental in my own evolution, as well as traveling to and living on many sacred sites around the world.

The following classes are designed as a series.

8 Week Metaphysical Class/Consecutive Sessions Series (2.5 hour classes)

  1. Terminology class-esoteric and exoteric, from ontology to elohim, learn the 50 or more terms we will be using & begin to create your crystal template
  2. Creation - the 13 dimensions and source/initiations humans must go through to reach higher states of consciousness & meditations to access/solfeggio frequencies
  3. Reincarnation/past lives/accessing the departed/see past lives & heal them/karma/psychometry
  4. Our bodies, super foods, chakras, meridians of energy, anti-aging techniques, cell reversal, crystals 101
  5. The unseen dimensions: nature spirit realm/devas/angelics/conings-creating conscious vortexes of energy- to change energy fields and release energy/ crop circles/sound and light frequencies
  6. Releasing past vows, genetic stuff/CCMBA-complete mind body alignment technique/soul recalibration/axiotonal ascension/karma and karmic blocks
  7. Focusing to contact cosmic consciousness/quantum physics/mechanics/technology of sacred rituals
  8. Mystery class??? That is sure to please...(hint-portals)

The Magical, Mystical, Supernatural, and Now ~ The Goddess!

As I was writing the new book, Grandmother Butterfly, one of the ancient "Spirit Grandmothers of Time" - who are emanations of the Great Mother, the Goddess; approached and said that she was here to help out with the "Ray" teachings that I was learning.

She said: "The Black Ray, which is female is our Mother. It's the first Ray. It is the void, pre-consciousness, the Great Mystery, the womb of all creation. The Black Ray is Mother of all that there is in our universe, it precedes all and is our Source." Everything begins with Her.

My previous book is entitled The Goddess Lives - Poetry, Prose and Prayers in Her Honour.

It always interested me that a woman gives birth to not only her own kind, but to male babies as well and the male produces neither. It has been a huge shift in me to be able to switch from a God-centered reality to a Goddess-centered reality, and now balancing the two. Everything begins with woman. The Goddess has been absolute as in the Source and preceded any differentiation; and now as I contemplate the changes happening on earth I see that the "Age of the Goddess", a female culture is truly awakening again on planet earth.

The Goddess loves all her children equally, including stones, reptiles, fishes, insects, the cat people and all forms of life. It is my prayer that the infusion of the Goddess on earth will re-establish moral value of life. Unless we have moral value on earth our systems fail.