The Goddess Lives

Poetry, Prose and Prayers in Her Honour

This collection of poems, stories and facts inspired me to take a fresh look at the ancient tradition of Goddess worship and the need for a matrilineal society today.

A Goddess Culture in Ancient Lemuria
Ancient Goddess Temples
Goddesses Sophia, Ishtar, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Gaia, Brede
Discoveries at Glastonbury
Visions at Mt. Shasta
Sex and Sexuality
Butterfly Grandmother, The Source and the Rays
The Teachings of the Thirteen Spirit Grandmothers of Time
Goddess Brede and the Rosslyn Chapel
Spiritual Path Practises

The sequel to AWAKE! A Spiritual Primer, Elizabeth Blakely takes you on her continuing quest to enlighten, inspire and awaken humanity.

ISBN: 978-0-9686765-4-7
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Praise for "The Goddess Lives "

Elizabeth's enthusiasm for Sophia is contagious!

Michelle Winegar, UBC Teacher and Writer