The Traveler: Ancient Memories, Past Lives and Mystical Moments


The Traveler is a passport to 13 countries. In Canada, it includes Ontario’s gigantic Great Lakes portal and British Columbia’s mysterious UFO Trench of the North Thompson River Valley. In the United States, it covers Arizona’s seductive Sedona and mystical Ascended Master site, Mt. Shasta, California. Israel features hot, powerful portal Jerusalem, the amazing Dead Sea, and awe-inspiring angel sightings. Then it’s on to Syria, with crumbling crusader castles and picturesque countryside caravanserai, followed by Petra, Jordan’s stunning rock palaces, and Bedouin hospitality. In Cyprus, powerful Aphrodite’s Isle, a feeling of finding a former home and famous past life, and in Turkey, with Sophia and extraordinary underground cities, and Hittite female sexual cults, as well as many other countries sacred sites stories.

Agnes discovered that her genetic lineage is rich, vital, and that she is intimately connected to past lives and other realities. It is often when she is traveling that she finds these connections. She discovered that Earth is home to many keys in the galaxy, and it is simply more than her home. It is her desire that as she shares her travel stories and ancient memories, they trigger the “you” that cannot, or does not want to remember, and who has seemingly been forever trapped in this illusion on Earth.

“Like all good travel writers, Agnes Toews-Andrews shows us wonders, in places—from the wilds of British Columbia to the Jordanian desert—where inhabitants only see the usual, the mundane. But Toews-Andrews is as intrepid a traveler as a geographic one. Her consciousness of other planes of existence adds an extra dimension of the marvelous to her travels: discoveries not found in more conventional accounts of voyages beyond our ordinary routines.” - Tom Wayman, award winning poet, novelist and academic


ISBN (paper copy): 978-0-9686765-9-2
ISBN (electronic copy): 978-0-9940026-0-0